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A large number reporting items can be configured in a whole range of different ways to fit with a particular perspective (e.g. more technical or service-based) or target group (management, specialist departments, IT staff, etc.). Generally, these reports must be created manually using a variety of data sources available to the customer. This process is laborious, time-consuming, and susceptible to errors.

For this reason, Go4-transformation has its own reporting feature, which enables the user to generate reports using the pre-consolidated database (which is updated daily). Ad hoc reports can be generated and filtered according to specific features. Additionally, profiles can be specified that can then be called up at the push of a button within the regular project reporting process. It is therefore also easy to create complex reports combining both technical and service information.

Sample Dashboard

This has the great advantage that there is no longer any separation between data management, data updating, planning and reporting, since all these aspects are mapped and controlled within one tool.

For standard reports, templates can be stored and adapted to the layout of the organization and can be generated as Excel documents.

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