Migration / transformation module

To prepare for a transformation, a large number of operations have to be performed on the relevant configuration items (health checks, patching, documentation of infrastructure requirements, etc.). These activities can be documented in Go4 transformation, and managed centrally by the project manager. Go4 transformation is also used to structure the transformation logically into meaningful, manageable migration waves.

All the information needed for the project and the team members is stored and iteratively refined in Go4 transformation. Any adjustments made by a subproject are immediately available to all other subprojects for operational use.


All information required for planning the transformation is consolidated and put together easily via simple forms.

Screenshot Masterdata part 1
Screenshot Masterdata part 2

Document generation

Go4 transformation generates all the required planning documents that reflect the current status of all operational data sources – e.g. detailed scripts, acceptance documents, and a wide range of reports – using the current database in the repository.


To further automate the transformation workflow, Go4 transformation can be connected to existing ITSM tools: for instance, change requests can be created directly in the migration/ transformation planning system and results obtained immediately after executing the process.

All the information needed for creating a change is brought together here so that any change can be initiated and tracked directly in the transformation planning system.

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