Data collection / repository Module

A whole range of different data is required for the planning of a complex IT project, for example the current technical configuration of the systems, service catalogs, and SLAs, as well as economic data related to fixed asset accounting.

Collecting the required company data can often be problematic, as it is distributed across different data sources and stored in different formats.

The planner therefore faces the challenge of having to work with heterogeneous “data islands”. Additionally, the various formats further complicate the bringing together and consolidation of the data. Without the aid of a suitable tool, performing this task successfully generally involves major input as well as the risk of failing to pinpoint interrelationships. This results in long projects and long downtimes (and therefore high costs).


Go4-transformation: Data collection / repository

The data collection/repository module is connected to the different data sources via appropriate interfaces. One advantage of this approach is that the relevant data can be imported regularly and automatically. Once imported, the different sets of data are connected to one another in a meaningful way by means of algorithms that are incorporated into the module. It is then checked whether the data is consistent and complete. Misalignments are reported for correction to the person in charge of operational data sources. This results in a consistent database being established in a few iterations.

This consistent data forms the basis of the functionality of other modules in Go4 transformation.

If you wish, the consolidated data can also be transferred to source systems.


Go4-transformation: Import process

The procedure to be followed for importing is displayed on the right-hand side of Go4 transformation. First, the staging tables are emptied. The individual data sources are then loaded into the staging tables. Finally, the linking is done.

Screenshot Datacollection


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