Cost and structural analysis module

Go4 transformation provides the functionality for calculating the business case or the costs and expenditure for a transformation project using defined rules. The following sets of tasks are performed as follows in Go4 transformation:


The process of rough planning for the transformation project can be executed using predefined rules such as the hardware or software lifecycle or agreed policies for the virtualization of the server portfolio.


Migration processes are computed automatically and only need to be confirmed by the planning team.


The target configuration, or future mode of operation (FMO), of the transformation project can be planned and is documented in parallel with the current configuration (CMO). 


The costs and expenditure for the transformation are shown automatically for each individual server and can be aggregated according to a wide range of criteria:





  • Customer
  • Derivative
  • Migration scenario
  • Overall view
  • etc.




The pre-planning information can be added to the project’s detailed planning information at the push of a button.


The procedure that is followed for handling rough planning and calculating a business case is transparent and takes the project team through the key planning steps.


Additionally, with the business case module, an analysis can be made of the project costs and expenditure very early on, and this can also be broken down into categories such as customers, specialist departments, and sectors.

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