Zero downtime

With our solutions, methods, and procedures, we speed up your IT transformation project significantly and reduce your staff’s workload. With the transparency and data quality achieved, we reduce the error rate, thereby ensuring the availability of your IT services.

Transformation projects such as a data center relocation or the consolidation of multiple data centers usually result in applications becoming partially unavailable. This affects a company’s business workflows and procedures. To pinpoint possible downtimes, the relevant systems and dependencies must be identified (e.g. interfaces and their functionality across various applications). This information must then be considered and evaluated in its totality, in a transformation scenario (migration wave). 

This perspective is used to determine the input needed for transformation, from which conclusions can then be drawn about the likely time frame. The information obtained can also be used to identify various measures to shorten this period.

You need change, we ensure things run smoothly

With our solutions, methods, and procedures, we not only speed up your IT transformation significantly but can also predict downtimes accurately using migration scenarios and transport times. By providing high quality data, we create transparency that ultimately reduces your staff's project workload and frees up space for employees to perform their usual tasks. By providing data that is verified on a daily basis, we also reduce the error rate, thereby ensuring the availability of your IT services. As a result, unnecessary downtimes are reduced to zero.

By minimizing downtimes, our customers have managed to make cost savings of more than 30%, which in turn has led to a high level of customer satisfaction.

Suitable solutions and services:

IT-Transformation Management

ITTM covers all aspects that are required for the planning, management, and implementation of complex change projects

  • IT-cartography
  • Cost and structural analysis
  • Datacenter relocation / consolidation
  • Cloud Transformation