About us

GORDIS is a software developer, consulting firm, and solution provider for IT transformation processes. The company was founded in 2009 by Florian Prange. The solutions provided by GORDIS are aimed at making change management for complex IT environments easier and more reliable.

We can offer you new strategies, approaches, and solutions for this. We also have many years of experience in the field and a great capacity for both joined-up and lateral thinking. We take a holistic view, placing your organization at the heart of things, as a living system – and this unique approach of ours brings maximum success.

IT is the use of technology in a living organization

With our holistic focus, we come up with the ideal solution for you, tailored to accommodate all aspects of your organization. We work on understanding the interaction between your company’s technology, organization, people, and processes – to develop stable, pragmatic solutions for you. This can only happen in close consultation with all the relevant stakeholders in your organization. For this reason, along with the provision of technical solutions, we see good communication as crucial for success.

Supporting well-known companies in IT transformations since 2007

The story of GORDIS began in the year 2007 with an IT project for a well-known manufacturer of machinery. The company was looking for a solution to transform its entire IT landscape. The infrastructure was considered extremely complex, even among the best IT service providers, and it posed an enormous challenge in terms of the existing approaches to planning. However, mathematician Florian Prange presented his “GORDIS” analysis tool to the company after four months of development. In one fell swoop, it provided the necessary system transparency and thereby the basis for the transformation process.

Through continuous development and innovation, the “GORDIS” software solution evolved into the “Go4 transformation” suite. This is now the most powerful software suite in IT transformation management.