Fewer costs, greater efficiency

As IT becomes increasingly incorporated into companies’ business processes, consumers are demanding ever greater quality, flexibility, and cost transparency. Furthermore, any new achievements of the IT industry are constantly being evaluated and implemented in terms of how these improve the way business processes are supported. 


The challenges facing IT managers include:

  • Ensuring uninterrupted provision of IT services
  • Advising specialist departments on process optimization
  • Evaluating and introducing new technologies

Because of these challenges, IT managers are forced to accept greater operational risks: important areas (e.g. IT documentation) may be dealt with only superficially, which in turn unintentionally promotes knowledge monopolies among staff.


You manage your IT budget, we free up space
Our Go4 transformation solutions unburden your IT managers as they endeavor both to provide high quality services and to introduce new technologies, without increasing the IT budget.
With Go4 transformation, you achieve this goal by optimizing the use of your IT budget so that space is freed up for new technologies and support services.


 Some areas that deserve closer scrutiny:

  • Are your IT services provided within the appropriate IT infrastructure?
  • What workloads are suitable for transformation to the cloud? 
  • Are you making optimal use of your IT infrastructure capacity?
  • Can investments be postponed until a future date by eliminating redundancies and reserves? 
  • Can operating and maintenance costs be saved by replacing legacy systems?

Go4-transformation helps you identify potential savings by providing a full, thorough overview of your IT landscape that is updated daily. The resulting changes can be planned and implemented by your staff with the support of the Go4-transformation suite. The system reports on the status and on the successful implementation of the changes – this provides an easy way of checking whether your IT system has achieved the desired objective. 
Another advantage of this full, thorough overview of your IT landscape is that it can be used for documentation purposes: one option offered by Go4 transformation is that of storing your information in templates and exporting these.


You face challenges, we provide solutions
Because Go4 transformation reduces your staff's workload, the resources it frees up can be used to improve the cost structure of legacy systems or for training in new technologies such as transferring parts of your IT landscape to the cloud.
Irrespective of whether existing systems are to be migrated to a new platform or to the cloud, Go4 transformation is a reliable suite of tools for planning and managing all the necessary operations.

Suitable solutions and services:


Cost and structural analysis


Data Center Transformation


Reporting / dashboards / KPIs modules