Taking maximum care of your data consistency

99.9% data consistency

In the data center environment, data that is distributed across several data sources with varying levels of maintenance (e.g. inventory data) has to be collected repeatedly. We help your company check and improve the quality of your existing data and collect the data you want with minimal effort. Once specified, data collection processes can be automated and executed continuously. These can also be adjusted as required with little effort.

You have the data, we ensure consistency

With our solutions, we offer a methodology that has already proven successful in many projects for bringing together data from different data sources in a central database and comparing them against each other. Here, our experts take charge of identifying and evaluating the various data sources with you. The data is then loaded into a staging area for further processing. The data that is generated reveals which data is missing from the overall picture, where data is being stored in duplicate, and which data exhibits differences with regard to the same object. After the data has been cleansed, you will have access to complete, consistent overviews of your entire database.

You have questions, we provide answers

The data that is generated is used to provide you with customized analyses to enable you to perform the tasks you want. The data is prepared in accordance with your specifications to generate reports for further processing by your company. 

Areas of application 

Often, the data to be collected is compared against the fixed assets accounts. Areas of application include:

  • Inventory and due diligence
  • Building a qualified database for ITSM (e.g. a CMDB)
  • IT cost allocation 
  • IT capacity planning
  • etc.

Bring together data sources in one place

  • Automatically
  • With daily updates
  • With daily checks

Data collection / Repository